Our Projects in Development

We are working on the following projects, which we consider as of BETA quality:

  • Full-Text Search for arXiv.org>astro-ph abstracts

    The service provides a simple full-text search for arXiv.org scientific e-print archive, and is briefly described here or here (in Russian).

  • Digitized Sky Survey

    We are currently setting up the local copy of a complete set of Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) images ( under Agreement between the AstroNet project, Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University Russia AND the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, operating the Space Telescope Science Institute ). We will provide access for interactive and programmatic usage via web-services using SIAP protocol.

  • PLASTIC interface to SAI CAS

    PLASTIC (PLatform for AStronomical Tool InterConnection) is a communication protocol for client-side virtual observatory tools.

    We created a simple PLASTIC-ized interface to SAI CAS for communication between ConeSearch and any other plasticized VO tools, such as locally-running TOPCAT, The Aladin Sky Atlas. Notice, PLASTIC HUB should be started !

  • SQL-interface to the SAI CAS

    We are working on SQL-interface to the SAI CAS catalogs to provide an ability to run complex queries. More information will be available.