Cross-match your data with our catalogue!

Step 1. Upload your data

User table: Must be valid VOTable or CSV file

Format of the input file:

CSV format requires names of columns with coordinates.

Name of RA column: Dec:

Hint: CSV is a simple text format where the data columns are separated by the comma and the first line contains the names of the corresponding columns.

Step 2. Select catalogue table to match with

No tables selected. Click on the table name to select/unselect it.

Step 3. Select cross-match radius

Cross-match radius (degrees): Must be less than 0.0028

Step 3. Get the results!

It will return the VOTable with all info from your input and our catalogue for matched objects

The VOTable format is an XML standard for the interchange of data represented as a set of tables. More detailed information is available in VOTable Format Definition