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All signs still point to yes"]]> <![CDATA[Fornax 3D project: automated detection of planetary nebulae in the centres of early-type galaxies and first results]]> <![CDATA[Is there really a `Hubble tension'?]]> <![CDATA[Cosmic ray feedback from supernovae in dwarf galaxies]]> <![CDATA[Constraints on the density distribution of type Ia supernovae ejecta inferred from late-time light-curve flattening]]> <![CDATA[The Carnegie Supernova Project II. The shock wave revealed through the fog: the strongly interacting Type IIn SN 2013L]]> <![CDATA[Real-time cosmology with SKA]]> <![CDATA[Evidence of Particle Acceleration in the Superbubble 30 Doradus C with NuSTAR]]> <![CDATA[Axions in neutron star mergers]]> <![CDATA[An accurate and efficient numerical calculation of detonation waves in multidimensional supernova simulations using a burning limiter and adaptive quasi-statistical equilibrium]]> <![CDATA[The changing-type SN 2014C may come from an 11-$M_\odot$ star stripped by binary interaction and violent eruption]]> <![CDATA[Influence of magnetic field on beta-processes in supernova matter]]> <![CDATA[A Sub-Solar Metallicity Progenitor for Cassiopeia A, the remnant of a Type IIb Supernova]]> <![CDATA[Impact of the Rotation and Compactness of Progenitors on the Mass of Black Holes]]> <![CDATA[Design and operation of the ATLAS Transient Science Server]]> <![CDATA[Search for gravitational waves from twelve young supernova remnants with a hidden Markov model in Advanced LIGO's second observing run]]> <![CDATA[Phenomenology of the generalized cubic covariant Galileon model and cosmological bounds]]> <![CDATA[Evolutionary Models for 43 Galactic Supernova Remnants with Distances and X-ray Spectra]]> <![CDATA[Modelling of the Effects of Stellar Feedback during Star Cluster Formation Using a Hybrid Gas and N-Body Method]]> <![CDATA[Revising natal kick prescriptions in population synthesis simulations]]> <![CDATA[The Boltzmann-radiation-hydrodynamics Simulations of the Core-collapse Supernova with the Different Equations of State: the Role of Nuclear Composition and the Behavior of Neutrinos]]> <![CDATA[Outflow from Outer-arm Starburst in a Grazing Collision between Galaxies]]> <![CDATA[Real-Time Value-Driven Data Augmentation in the Era of LSST]]> <![CDATA[Origin of Star-Forming Rings around Massive Centres in Massive Galaxies at $z\!<\!4$]]> <![CDATA[Supernova Magnitude Evolution and PAge Approximation]]> <![CDATA[The Koala: A Fast Blue Optical Transient with Luminous Radio Emission from a Starburst Dwarf Galaxy at $z=0.27$]]> <![CDATA[Double white dwarf merger products among high-mass white dwarfs]]> <![CDATA[Imprints of an extended Chevallier-Polarski-Linder parametrization on the large scale of our universe]]> <![CDATA[Constraining Dark-Matter Ensembles with Supernova Data]]> <![CDATA[The Broad-lined Ic Supernova ZTF18aaqjovh (SN 2018bvw): An Optically-discovered Engine-driven Supernova Candidate with Luminous Radio Emission]]> <![CDATA[Predicting the next local supernova]]> <![CDATA[Uniform distribution of the extremely overionized plasma associated with the supernova remnant G359.1-0.5]]> <![CDATA[Disruption of Supernovae and would-be "Direct Collapsars"]]> <![CDATA[A new method to build the (inverse) distance ladder]]> <![CDATA[Limits on $w$CDM from the EFTofLSS with the PyBird code]]> <![CDATA[The White Dwarf Binary Pathways Survey III: contamination from hierarchical triples containing a white dwarf]]> <![CDATA[An XMM-Newton X-ray View of Supernova Remnant W49B: Revisiting its Recombining Plasmas and Progenitor Type]]> <![CDATA[Type Ia SN 2019ein: New Insights into the Similarities and diversities among High-Velocity SNe Ia]]> <![CDATA[Neutron star mergers and rare core-collapse supernovae as sources of r-process enrichment in simulated galaxies]]> <![CDATA[Early Dark Energy Does Not Restore Cosmological Concordance]]> <![CDATA[Ion acceleration in non-relativistic quasi-parallel shocks using fully kinetic simulations]]> <![CDATA[Evidence from high mass X-ray binaries that Galactic WR components of WR+O binaries end their life with a supernova explosion]]> <![CDATA[A local resolution of the Hubble tension: The impact of screened fifth forces on the cosmic distance ladder]]> <![CDATA[Magnetar formation through a convective dynamo in protoneutron stars]]> <![CDATA[Cosmological model insensitivity of local $H_0$ from the Cepheid distance ladder]]> <![CDATA[Magnetic Fields and Afterglows of BdHNe: Inferences from GRB 130427A, GRB 160509A, GRB 160625B, GRB 180728A and GRB 190114C]]> <![CDATA[Combining gravitational and electromagnetic waves observations to investigate the Hubble tension]]> <![CDATA[Confirmed short periodic variability of subparsec supermassive binary black hole candidate Mrk 231]]> <![CDATA[A mass threshold for galactic gas discs by spin flips]]> <![CDATA[Accrete, Accrete, Accrete... Bang! (and repeat): The Remarkable Recurrent Novae]]> <![CDATA[Properties of the post in-spiral common envelope ejecta II: dust formation]]> <![CDATA[Including higher order multipoles in gravitational-wave models for precessing binary black holes]]> <![CDATA[Cosmological signatures of torsion and how to distinguish torsion from the dark sector]]> <![CDATA[Time-dependent $G$ in Einstein's equations as an alternative to the cosmological constant]]> <![CDATA[Equation of state effects in core-collapse supernovae]]> <![CDATA[The shape of SN 1993J re-analyzed]]> <![CDATA[Constraining the Source of the High Velocity Ejecta in the Type Ia SN 2019ein]]> <![CDATA[L-GALAXIES 2020: Spatially resolved cold gas phases, star formation and chemical enrichment in galactic discs]]> <![CDATA[Wind-Driven Transients as A Unified Model for Peculiar Events AT2018cow and iPTF14hls]]> <![CDATA[Physics of radiation mediated shocks and its applications to GRBs, supernovae, and neutron star mergers]]> <![CDATA[The HSC-SSP Transient Survey: Implications from Early Photometry and Rise Time of Normal Type Ia Supernovae]]> <![CDATA[Type IIn supernova light-curve properties measured from an untargeted survey sample]]> <![CDATA[Properties of gamma-ray decay lines in 3D core-collapse supernova models, with application to SN 1987A and Cas A]]> <![CDATA[The Tidal Disruption Event AT 2018hyz II: Light Curve Modeling of a Partially Disrupted Star]]> <![CDATA[Stellar cooling anomalies and variant axion models]]> <![CDATA[Beyond Gaia: Asteroseismic Distances of M giants using Ground-Based Transient Surveys]]> <![CDATA[The Tidal Disruption Event AT 2018hyz I: Double-peaked emission lines and a flat Balmer decrement]]> <![CDATA[Cosmic Discordance: Planck and luminosity distance data exclude LCDM]]> <![CDATA[Silicate grain growth due to ion trapping in oxygen-rich supernova remnants like Cassiopeia A]]> <![CDATA[Combining neutrino experimental light-curves for pointing to the next Galactic Core-Collapse Supernova]]> <![CDATA[A serendipitous discovery of GeV gamma-ray emission from supernova 2004dj in a survey of nearby star-forming galaxies with Fermi-LAT]]> <![CDATA[New Type Ia supernova Yields and the Manganese and Nickel Problems in the Milky Way and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies]]> <![CDATA[Prospects for Pre-supernova Neutrino Observation in Future Large Liquid-scintillator Detectors]]> <![CDATA[Charge exchange, from the sky to the laboratory: A method to determine state-selective cross-sections for improved modeling]]> <![CDATA[The impact of fallback on the compact remnants and chemical yields of core-collapse supernovae]]> <![CDATA[A scenario for ultra-diffuse satellite galaxies with low velocity dispersions: the case of [KKS 2000]04]]> <![CDATA[Modeling Dense Star Clusters in the Milky Way and Beyond with the $\texttt{CMC}$ Cluster Catalog]]> <![CDATA[An Ejecta Kinematics Study of Kepler's Supernova Remnant with High-Resolution $Chandra$ HETG Spectroscopy]]> <![CDATA[Graduated dark energy: Observational hints of a spontaneous sign switch in the cosmological constant]]>