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Tsibulev, P. A.

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RATAN-600 new zenith field survey and CMB problems
Comments: 6 pages, 11 figures
Submitted: 2005-08-02
We present new RATAN-600 data on the synchrotron Galaxy radiation at the PLANCK Mission and WMAP frequencies at high Galactic latitudes upto l=3000. The difference between the standard synchrotron template (l<50) of the WMAP group and RATAN-600 data was detected with the strong synchrotron ``longitude quadrant asymmetry''. It may change the WMAP estimates of z_{reheating} from low l polarization data. The polarized synchrotron noise for very deep observations (<< 1 microK) at the PLANCK HFI was not detected at l>200 scales. ``Sakharov Oscillations'' in the E-mode (500<l<2000) should be well visible even at ~10 GHz. The polarized noise from relic gravitational waves (l~80) may be confused with B-mode of synchrotron Galaxy polarized noise at the frequencies below 100 GHz, but there are no problems at HFI-band.