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Striebig, Nicolas

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SPIRou: a nIR spectropolarimeter / high-precision velocimeter for the CFHT
Comments: Handbook of Exoplanets, in press (26 pages, 12 figures, 1 table)
Submitted: 2018-03-23
SPIRou is a near-infrared (nIR) spectropolarimeter / velocimeter for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), that will focus on two forefront science topics, (i) the quest for habitable Earth-like planets around nearby M stars, and (ii) the study of low-mass star/planet formation in the presence of magnetic fields. SPIRou will also efficiently tackle many key programmes beyond these two main goals, from weather patterns on brown dwarfs to Solar-System planet and exoplanet atmospheres. SPIRou will cover a wide spectral domain in a single exposure (0.98-2.44um at a resolving power of 70K, yielding unpolarized and polarized spectra of low-mass stars with a 15% average throughput at a radial velocity (RV) precision of 1 m/s. It consists of a Cassegrain unit mounted at the Cassegrain focus of CFHT and featuring an achromatic polarimeter, coupled to a cryogenic spectrograph cooled down at 80K through a fluoride fiber link. SPIRou is currently integrated at IRAP/OMP and will be mounted at CFHT in 2017 Q4 for a first light scheduled in late 2017. Science operation is predicted to begin in 2018 S2, allowing many fruitful synergies with major ground and space instruments such as the JWST, TESS, ALMA and later-on PLATO and the ELT.
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SPIRou: the near-infrared spectropolarimeter/high-precision velocimeter for the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope
Comments: Presented at SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2014
Submitted: 2014-06-26
SPIRou is a near-IR \'echelle spectropolarimeter and high-precision velocimeter under construction as a next-generation instrument for the Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope. It is designed to cover a very wide simultaneous near-IR spectral range (0.98-2.35 {\mu}m) at a resolving power of 73.5K, providing unpolarized and polarized spectra of low-mass stars at a radial velocity (RV) precision of 1m/s. The main science goals of SPIRou are the detection of habitable super-Earths around low-mass stars and the study of how critically magnetic fields impact star / planet formation. Following a successful final design review in Spring 2014, SPIRou is now under construction and is scheduled to see first light in late 2017. We present an overview of key aspects of SPIRou's optical and mechanical design.