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Stüven, T.

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Sensitivity of the KM3NeT/ARCA neutrino telescope to point-like neutrino sources
The KM3NeT Collaboration; Aiello, S.; Akrame, S. E.; Ameli, F.; Anassontzis, E. G.; Andre, M.; Androulakis, G.; Anghinolfi, M.; Anton, G.; Ardid, M.; Aublin, J.; Avgitas, T.; Bagatelas, C.; Barbarino, G.; Baret, B.; Barrios-Martí, J.; Belias, A.; Berbee, E.; Berg, A. van den; Bertin, V.; Biagi, S.; Biagioni, A.; Biernoth, C.; Boumaaza, J.; Bourret, S.; Bouta, M.; Bouwhuis, M.; Bozza, C.; Brânzas, H.; Bruchner, M.; Bruijn, R.; Brunner, J.; Buis, E.; Buompane, R.; Busto, J.; Calvo, D.; Capone, A.; Celli, S.; Chabab, M.; Chau, N.; Cherubini, S.; Chiarella, V.; Chiarusi, T.; Circella, M.; Cocimano, R.; Coelho, J. A. B.; Coleiro, A.; Molla, M. Colomer; Coniglione, R.; Coyle, P.; Creusot, A.; Cuttone, G.; D'Onofrio, A.; Dallier, R.; De Sio, C.; Di Palma, I.; Díaz, A. F.; Diego-Tortosa, D.; Distefano, C.; Domi, A.; Donà, R.; Donzaud, C.; Dornic, D.; Dörr, M.; Durocher, M.; Eberl, T.; van Eijk, D.; Bojaddaini, I. El; Eljarrari, H.; Elsaesser, D.; Enzenhöfer, A.; Fermani, P.; Ferrara, G.; Filipovic, M. D.; Fusco, L. A.; Gal, T.; Garcia, A.; Garufi, F.; Gialanella, L.; Giorgio, E.; Giuliante, A.; Gozzini, S. R.; Gracia, R.; Graf, K.; Grasso, D.; Grégoire, T.; Grella, G.; Hallmann, S.; Hamdaoui, H.; van Haren, H.; Heid, T.; Heijboer, A.; Hekalo, A.; Hernández-Rey, J. J.; Hofestädt, J.; Illuminati, G.; James, C. W.; Jongen, M.; de Jong, M.; de Jong, P.; Kadler, M.; Kalaczynski, P.; Kalekin, O.; Katz, U. F.; Chowdhury, N. R. Khan; Kiessling, D.; Koffeman, E. N.; Kooijman, P.; Kouchner, A.; Kreter, M.; Kulikovskiy, V.; Kunhikannan-Kannichankandy, M.; Lahmann, R.; Larosa, G.; Breton, R. Le; Leone, F.; Leonora, E.; Levi, G.; Lincetto, M.; Lonardo, A.; Longhitano, F.; Coto, D. Lopez; Lotze, M.; Maderer, L.; Maggi, G.; Manczak, J.; Mannheim, K.; Margiotta, A.; Marinelli, A.; Markou, C.; Martin, L.; Martínez-Mora, J. A.; Martini, A.; Marzaioli, F.; Mele, R.; Melis, K. W.; Migliozzi, P.; Migneco, E.; Mijakowski, P.; Miranda, L. S.; Mollo, C. M.; Morganti, M.; Moser, M.; Moussa, A.; Muller, R.; Musumeci, M.; Nauta, L.; Navas, S.; Nicolau, C. A.; Nielsen, C.; Fearraigh, B. Ó; Organokov, M.; Orlando, A.; Ottonello, S.; Panagopoulos, V.; Papalashvili, G.; Papaleo, R.; Păvălaş, G. E.; Pellegrino, C.; Perrin-Terrin, M.; Piattelli, P.; Pikounis, K.; Pisanti, O.; Poirè, C.; Polydefki, G.; Popa, V.; Post, M.; Pradier, T.; Pühlhofer, G.; Pulvirenti, S.; Quinn, L.; Raffaelli, F.; Randazzo, N.; Razzaque, S.; Real, D.; Resvanis, L.; Reubelt, J.; Riccobene, G.; Richer, M.; Rigalleau, L.; Rovelli, A.; Saffer, M.; Salvadori, I.; Samtleben, D. F. E.; Losa, A. Sánchez; Sanguineti, M.; Santangelo, A.; Santonocito, D.; Sapienza, P.; Schumann, J.; Sciacca, V.; Seneca, J.; Sgura, I.; Shanidze, R.; Sharma, A.; Simeone, F.; Sinopoulou, A.; Spisso, B.; Spurio, M.; Stavropoulos, D.; Steijger, J.; Stellacci, S. M.; Strandberg, B.; Stransky, D.; Stüven, T.; Taiuti, M.; Tatone, F.; Tayalati, Y.; Tenllado, E.; Thakore, T.; Trovato, A.; Tzamariudaki, E.; Tzanetatos, D.; Van Elewyck, V.; Versari, F.; Viola, S.; Vivolo, D.; Wilms, J.; de Wolf, E.; Zaborov, D.; Zornoza, J. D.; Zúñiga, J.
Comments: 32 pages, 9 figures, submitted to Astroparticle Physics
Submitted: 2018-10-19, last modified: 2019-04-02
KM3NeT will be a network of deep-sea neutrino telescopes in the Mediterranean Sea. The KM3NeT/ARCA detector, to be installed at the Capo Passero site (Italy), is optimised for the detection of high-energy neutrinos of cosmic origin. Thanks to its geographical location on the Northern hemisphere, KM3NeT/ARCA can observe upgoing neutrinos from most of the Galactic Plane, including the Galactic Centre. Given its effective area and excellent pointing resolution, KM3NeT/ARCA will measure or significantly constrain the neutrino flux from potential astrophysical neutrino sources. At the same time, it will test flux predictions based on gamma-ray measurements and the assumption that the gamma-ray flux is of hadronic origin. Assuming this scenario, discovery potentials and sensitivities for a selected list of Galactic sources and to generic point sources with an $E^{-2}$ spectrum are presented. These spectra are assumed to be time independent. The results indicate that an observation with $3\sigma$ significance is possible in about six years of operation for the most intense sources, such as Supernovae Remnants RX\,J1713.7-3946 and Vela Jr. If no signal will be found during this time, the fraction of the gamma-ray flux coming from hadronic processes can be constrained to be below 50\% for these two objects.