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Sazy, Marie Anne Bigot

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[1]  [pdf] - 1820173
QUBIC: Exploring the primordial Universe with the Q\&U Bolometric Interferometer
Mennella, Aniello; Ade, Peter; Amico, Giorgio; Auguste, Didier; Aumont, Jonathan; Banfi, Stefano; Barbaràn, Gustavo; Battaglia, Paola; Battistelli, Elia; Baù, Alessandro; Bélier, Benoit; Bennett, David G.; Bergé, Laurent; Bernard, Jean Philippe; Bersanelli, Marco; Sazy, Marie Anne Bigot; Bleurvacq, Nathat; Bonaparte, Juan; Bonis, Julien; Bunn, Emory F.; Burke, David; Buzi, Daniele; Buzzelli, Alessandro; Cavaliere, Francesco; Chanial, Pierre; Chapron, Claude; Charlassier, Romain; Columbro, Fabio; Coppi, Gabriele; Coppolecchia, Alessandro; D'Agostino, Rocco; D'Alessandro, Giuseppe; De Bernardis, Paolo; De Gasperis, Giancarlo; De Leo, Michele; De Petris, Marco; Di Donato, Andres; Dumoulin, Louis; Etchegoyen, Alberto; Fasciszewski, Adrián; Franceschet, Cristian; Lerena, Martin Miguel Gamboa; Garcia, Beatriz; Garrido, Xavier; Gaspard, Michel; Gault, Amanda; Gayer, Donnacha; Gervasi, Massimo; Giard, Martin; Héraud, Yannick Giraud; Berisso, Mariano Gómez; González, Manuel; Gradziel, Marcin; Grandsire, Laurent; Guerard, Eric; Hamilton, Jean Christophe; Harari, Diego; Haynes, Vic; Versillé, Sophie Henrot; Hoang, Duc Thuong; Holtzer, Nicolas; Incardona, Federico; Jules, Eric; Kaplan, Jean; Korotkov, Andrei; Kristukat, Christian; Lamagna, Luca; Loucatos, Soutiris; Lowitz, Amy; Lukovic, Vladimir; Thibault, Louis; Luterstein, Raùl Horacio; Maffei, Bruno; Marnieros, Stefanos; Masi, Silvia; Mattei, Angelo; May, Andrew; McCulloch, Mark; Medina, Maria C.; Mele, Lorenzo; Melhuish, Simon J.; Montier, Ludovic; Mousset, Louise; Mundo, Luis Mariano; Murphy, John Anthony; Murphy, James; O'Sullivan, Creidhe; Olivieri, Emiliano; Paiella, Alessandro; Pajot, Francois; Passerini, Andrea; Pastoriza, Hernan; Pelosi, Alessandro; Perbost, Camille; Perciballi, Maurizio; Pezzotta, Federico; Piacentini, Francesco; Piat, Michel; Piccirillo, Lucio; Pisano, Giampaolo; Polenta, Gianluca; Prêle, Damien; Puddu, Roberto; Rambaud, Damien; Ringegni, Pablo; Romero, Gustavo E.; Salatino, Maria; Schillaci, Alessandro; Scóccola, Claudia G.; Scully, Stephen P.; Spinelli, Sebastiano; Stolpovskiy, Michail; Suarez, Federico; Stankowiak, Guillaume; Tartari, Andrea; Thermeau, Jean Pierre; Timbie, Peter; Tomasi, Maurizio; Torchinsky, Steve A.; Tristram, Mathieu; Tucker, Gregory S.; Tucker, Carole E.; Vanneste, Sylvain; Viganò, Daniele; Vittorio, Nicola; Voisin, Fabrice; Watson, Robert; Wicek, Francois; Zannoni, Mario; Zullo, Antonio
Comments: Proceedings of the 2018 ICNFP conference, Crete. Published by Universe arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1801.03730
Submitted: 2018-11-30, last modified: 2019-01-23
In this paper we describe QUBIC, an experiment that will observe the polarized microwave sky with a novel approach, which combines the sensitivity of state-of-the art bolometric detectors with the systematic effects control typical of interferometers. QUBIC unique features are the so-called "self-calibration", a technique that allows us to clean the measured data from instrumental effects, and its spectral imaging power, i.e. the ability to separate the signal in various sub-bands within each frequency band. QUBIC will observe the sky in two main frequency bands: 150 GHz and 220 GHz. A technological demonstrator is currently under testing and will be deployed in Argentina during 2019, while the final instrument is expected to be installed during 2020.