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Richter, J.

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[1]  [pdf] - 1723038
The MICADO first light imager for the ELT: overview, operation, simulation
Davies, Richard; Alves, João; Clénet, Yann; Lang-Bardl, Florian; Nicklas, Harald; Pott, Jörg-Uwe; Ragazzoni, Roberto; Tolstoy, Eline; Amico, Paola; Anwand-Heerwart, Heiko; Barboza, Santiago; Barl, Lothar; Baudoz, Pierre; Bender, Ralf; Bezawada, Naidu; Bizenberger, Peter; Boland, Wilfried; Bonifacio, Piercarlo; Borgo, Bruno; Buey, Tristan; Chapron, Frédéric; Chemla, Fanny; Cohen, Mathieu; Czoske, Oliver; Deo, Vincent; Disseau, Karen; Dreizler, Stefan; Dupuis, Olivier; Fabricius, Maximilian; Falomo, Renato; Fedou, Pierre; Schreiber, Natascha Foerster; Garrel, Vincent; Geis, Norbert; Gemperlein, Hans; Gendron, Eric; Genzel, Reinhard; Gillessen, Stefan; Glück, Martin; Grupp, Frank; Hartl, Michael; Häuser, Marco; Hess, Hans-Joachim; Hofferbert, Ralf; Hopp, Ulrich; Hörmann, Veronika; Hubert, Zoltan; Huby, Elsa; Huet, Jean-Michel; Hutterer, Victoria; Ives, Derek; Janssen, Annemieke; Jellema, Willem; Kausch, Wolfgang; Kerber, Florian; Kravcar, Helmut; Ruyet, Bertrand Le; Leschinski, Kieran; Mandla, Christopher; Manhart, Markus; Massari, Davide; Mei, Simona; Merlin, Frédéric; Mohr, Lars; Monna, Anna; Muench, Norbert; Mueller, Friedrich; Musters, Gert; Navarro, Ramon; Neumann, Udo; Neumayer, Nadine; Niebsch, Jenny; Plattner, Markus; Przybilla, Norbert; Rabien, Sebastian; Ramlau, Ronny; Ramos, José; Ramsay, Suzanne; Rhode, Petra; Richter, Amon; Richter, Josef; Rix, Hans-Walter; Rodeghiero, Gabriele; Rohloff, Ralf-Rainer; Rosensteiner, Matthias; Rousset, Gérard; Schlichter, Jörg; Schubert, Josef; Sevin, Arnaud; Stuik, Remko; Sturm, Eckhard; Thomas, Jens; Tromp, Niels; Kleijn, Gijs Verdoes; Vidal, Fabrice; Wagner, Roland; Wegner, Michael; Zeilinger, Werner; Ziegleder, Julian; Ziegler, Bodo; Zins, Gérard
Comments: Proc SPIE 10702. SPIE's copyright notice: "Copyright 2018 Society of PhotoOptical Instrumentation Engineers. One print or electronic copy may be made for personal use only. Systematic reproduction and distribution, duplication of any material in this paper for a fee or for commercial purposes, or modification of the content of the paper are prohibited."
Submitted: 2018-07-26
MICADO will enable the ELT to perform diffraction limited near-infrared observations at first light. The instrument's capabilities focus on imaging (including astrometric and high contrast) as well as single object spectroscopy. This contribution looks at how requirements from the observing modes have driven the instrument design and functionality. Using examples from specific science cases, and making use of the data simulation tool, an outline is presented of what we can expect the instrument to achieve.
[2]  [pdf] - 1530973
MICADO: first light imager for the E-ELT
Comments: to appear in Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VI, eds. Evans C., Simard L., Takami H., Proc. SPIE vol. 9908 id 73; 2016
Submitted: 2016-07-07
MICADO will equip the E-ELT with a first light capability for diffraction limited imaging at near-infrared wavelengths. The instrument's observing modes focus on various flavours of imaging, including astrometric, high contrast, and time resolved. There is also a single object spectroscopic mode optimised for wavelength coverage at moderately high resolution. This contribution provides an overview of the key functionality of the instrument, outlining the scientific rationale for its observing modes. The interface between MICADO and the adaptive optics system MAORY that feeds it is summarised. The design of the instrument is discussed, focussing on the optics and mechanisms inside the cryostat, together with a brief overview of the other key sub-systems.