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Characterization of the Hamamatsu VUV4 MPPCs for nEXO
Gallina, G.; Giampa, P.; Retiere, F.; Kroeger, J.; Zhang, G.; Ward, M.; Margetak, P.; Lic, G.; Tsang, T.; Doria, L.; Kharusi, S. Al; Alfaris, M.; Anton, G.; Arnquist, I. J.; Badhrees, I.; Barbeau, P. S.; Beck, D.; Belov, V.; Bhatta, T.; Blatchford, J.; Brodsky, J. P.; Brown, E.; Brunner, T.; Cao, G. F.; Cao, L.; Cen, W. R.; Chambers, C.; Charlebois, S. A.; Chiu, M.; Cleveland, B.; Coon, M.; Craycraft, A.; Dalmasson, J.; Daniels, T.; Darroch, L.; Daugherty, S. J.; Croix, A. De St.; Der Mesrobian-Kabakian, A.; DeVoe, R.; Dilling, J.; Ding, Y. Y.; Dolinski, M. J.; Dragone, A.; Echevers, J.; Elbeltagi, M.; Fabris, L.; Fairbank, D.; Fairbank, W.; Farine, J.; Feyzbakhsh, S.; Fontaine, R.; Gautam, P.; Giacomini, G.; Gornea, R.; Gratta, G.; Hansen, E. V.; Heffner, M.; Hoppe, E. W.; Ho├čl, J.; House, A.; Hughes, M.; Ito, Y.; Iverson, A.; Jamil, A.; Jewell, M. J.; Jiang, X. S.; Karelin, A.; Kaufman, L. J.; Kodroff, D.; Koffas, T.; Krucken, R.; Kuchenkov, A.; Kumar, K. S.; Lana, Y.; Larson, A.; Lenardo, B. G.; Leonarda, D. S.; Lik, S.; Li, Z.; Licciardi, C.; Linw, Y. H.; Lv, P.; MacLellan, R.; McElroy, T.; Medina-Peregrina, M.; Michel, T.; Mong, B.; Moore, D. C.; Murray, K.; Nakarmi, P.; Newby, R. J.; Ning, Z.; Njoya, O.; Nolet, F.; Nusair, O.; Odgers, K.; Odian, A.; Oriunno, M.; Orrell, J. L.; Ortega, G. S.; Ostrovskiy, I.; Overman, C. T.; Parent, S.; Piepkez, A.; Pocar, A.; Pratte, J. -F.; Qiu, D.; Radeka, V.; Raguzin, E.; Rescia, S.; Richman, M.; Robinson, A.; Rossignol, T.; Rowson, P. C.; Roy, N.; Saldanha, R.; Sangiorgio, S.; VIII, K. Skarpaas; Soma, A. K.; St-Hilaire, G.; Stekhanov, V.; Stiegler, T.; Sun, X. L.; Tarka, M.; Todd, J.; Tolba, T.; Totev, T. I.; Tsang, R.; Vachon, F.; Veeraraghavan, V.; Visser, G.; Vuilleumier, J. -L.; Wagenpfeil, M.; Walent, M.; Wang, Q.; Watkins, J.; Weber, M.; Wei, W.; Wen, L. J.; Wichoski, U.; Wu, S. X.; Wu, W. H.; Wu, X.; Xia, Q.; Yang, H.; Yang, L.; Yen, Y. -R.; Zeldovich, O.; Zhao, J.; Zhou, Y.; Ziegler, T.
Submitted: 2019-03-08, last modified: 2019-06-07
In this paper we report on the characterization of the Hamamatsu VUV4 (S/N: S13370-6152) Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) sensitive Silicon Photo-Multipliers (SiPMs) as part of the development of a solution for the detection of liquid xenon scintillation light for the nEXO experiment. Various SiPM features, such as: dark noise, gain, correlated avalanches, direct crosstalk and Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE) were measured in a dedicated setup at TRIUMF. SiPMs were characterized in the range $163 \text{ } \text{K} \leq \text{T}\leq 233 \text{ } \text{K}$. At an over voltage of $3.1\pm0.2$ V and at $\text{T}=163 \text{ }\text{K}$ we report a number of Correlated Avalanches (CAs) per pulse in the $1 \upmu\text{s}$ interval following the trigger pulse of $0.161\pm0.005$. At the same settings the Dark-Noise (DN) rate is $0.137\pm0.002 \text{ Hz/mm}^{2}$. Both the number of CAs and the DN rate are within nEXO specifications. The PDE of the Hamamatsu VUV4 was measured for two different devices at $\text{T}=233 \text{ }\text{K}$ for a mean wavelength of $189\pm7\text{ nm}$. At $3.6\pm0.2$ V and $3.5\pm0.2$ V of over voltage we report a PDE of $13.4\pm2.6\text{ }\%$ and $11\pm2\%$, corresponding to a saturation PDE of $14.8\pm2.8\text{ }\%$ and $12.2\pm2.3\%$, respectively. Both values are well below the $24\text{ }\%$ saturation PDE advertised by Hamamatsu. More generally, the second device tested at $3.5\pm0.2$ V of over voltage is below the nEXO PDE requirement. The first one instead yields a PDE that is marginally close to meeting the nEXO specifications. This suggests that with modest improvements the Hamamatsu VUV4 MPPCs could be considered as an alternative to the FBK-LF SiPMs for the final design of the nEXO detector.