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A Hot Saturn Orbiting An Oscillating Late Subgiant Discovered by TESS
Huber, Daniel; Chaplin, William J.; Chontos, Ashley; Kjeldsen, Hans; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Joergen; Bedding, Timothy R.; Ball, Warrick; Brahm, Rafael; Espinoza, Nestor; Henning, Thomas; Jordan, Andres; Sarkis, Paula; Knudstrup, Emil; Albrecht, Simon; Grundahl, Frank; Andersen, Mads Fredslund; Palle, Pere L.; Crossfield, Ian; Fulton, Benjamin; Howard, Andrew W.; Isaacson, Howard T.; Weiss, Lauren M.; Handberg, Rasmus; Lund, Mikkel N.; Serenelli, Aldo M.; Mosumgaard, Jakob; Stokholm, Amalie; Bierlya, Allyson; Buchhave, Lars A.; Latham, David W.; Quinn, Samuel N.; Gaidos, Eric; Hirano, Teruyuki; Ricker, George R.; Vanderspek, Roland K.; Seager, Sara; Jenkins, Jon M.; Winn, Joshua N.; Antia, H. M.; Appourchaux, Thierry; Basu, Sarbani; Bell, Keaton J.; Benomar, Othman; Bonanno, Alfio; Buzasi, Derek L.; Campante, Tiago L.; Orhan, Z. Celik; Corsaro, Enrico; Cunha, Margarida S.; Davies, Guy R.; Deheuvels, Sebastien; Grunblatt, Samuel K.; Hasanzadeh, Amir; Di Mauro, Maria Pia; Garcia, Rafael A.; Gaulme, Patrick; Girardi, Leo; Guzik, Joyce A.; Hon, Marc; Jiang, Chen; Kallinger, Thomas; Kawaler, Steven D.; Kuszlewicz, James S.; Lebreton, Yveline; Li, Tanda; Lucas, Miles; Lundkvist, Mia S.; Mathis, Stephane; Mathur, Savita; Mazumdar, Anwesh; Metcalfe, Travis S.; Miglio, Andrea; Monteiro, Mario J.; Mosser, Benoit; Noll, Anthony; Nsamba, Benard; Mann, Andrew W.; Ong, Jia Mian Joel; Ortel, S.; Pereira, Filipe; Ranadive, Pritesh; Regulo, Clara; Rodrigues, Thaise S.; Roxburgh, Ian W.; Aguirre, Victor Silva; Smalley, Barry; Schofield, Mathew; Sousa, Sergio G.; Stassun, Keivan G.; Stello, Dennis; Tayar, Jamie; White, Timothy R.; Verma, Kuldeep; Vrard, Mathieu; Yildiz, M.; Baker, David; Bazot, Michael; Beichmann, Charles; Bergmann, Christoph; Bugnet, Lisa; Cale, Bryson; Carlino, Roberto; Cartwright, Scott M.; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Ciardi, David R.; Creevey, Orlagh; Dittmann, Jason A.; Nascimento, Jose Dias Do; van Eylen, Vincent; Furesz, Gabor; Gagne, Jonathan; Gao, Peter; Gazeas, Kosmas; Giddens, Frank; Hall, Oliver; Hekker, Saskia; Ireland, Michael J.; Latouf, Natasha; LeBrun, Danny; Levine, Alan M; Matzko, William; Natinsky, Eva; Page, Emma; Plavchan, Peter; Mansouri-Samani, Masoud; McCauliff, Sean; Mullally, Susan E; Orenstein, Brendan; Soto, Aylin; Paegert, Martin; van Saders, Jennifer L.; Schnaible, Chloe; Soderblom, David R.; Szabo, Robert; Tanner, Angelle; Tinney, C. G.; Teske, Johanna; Thomas, Alexandra; Trampedach, Regner; Wright, Duncan; Yuan, Thomas T.; Zohrabi, Farzaneh
Comments: 12 pages (excluding author list and references), 9 figures, 4 tables, accepted for publication in AJ. An electronic version of Table 3 is available as an ancillary file (sidebar on the right)
Submitted: 2019-01-06, last modified: 2019-04-04
We present the discovery of TOI-197.01, the first transiting planet identified by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) for which asteroseismology of the host star is possible. TOI-197 (HIP116158) is a bright (V=8.2 mag), spectroscopically classified subgiant which oscillates with an average frequency of about 430 muHz and displays a clear signature of mixed modes. The oscillation amplitude confirms that the redder TESS bandpass compared to Kepler has a small effect on the oscillations, supporting the expected yield of thousands of solar-like oscillators with TESS 2-minute cadence observations. Asteroseismic modeling yields a robust determination of the host star radius (2.943+/-0.064 Rsun), mass (1.212 +/- 0.074 Msun) and age (4.9+/-1.1 Gyr), and demonstrates that it has just started ascending the red-giant branch. Combining asteroseismology with transit modeling and radial-velocity observations, we show that the planet is a "hot Saturn" (9.17+/-0.33 Rearth) with an orbital period of ~14.3 days, irradiance of 343+/-24 Fearth, moderate mass (60.5 +/- 5.7 Mearth) and density (0.431+/-0.062 gcc). The properties of TOI-197.01 show that the host-star metallicity - planet mass correlation found in sub-Saturns (4-8 Rearth) does not extend to larger radii, indicating that planets in the transition between sub-Saturns and Jupiters follow a relatively narrow range of densities. With a density measured to ~15%, TOI-197.01 is one of the best characterized Saturn-sized planets to date, augmenting the small number of known transiting planets around evolved stars and demonstrating the power of TESS to characterize exoplanets and their host stars using asteroseismology.