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Landolfi, Marco

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[1]  [pdf] - 862999
Frequency Redistribution Function for the Polarized Two-Term Atom
Comments: ApJ, in press
Submitted: 2014-06-23
We present a generalized frequency redistribution function for the polarized two-term atom in an arbitrary magnetic field. This result is derived within a new formulation of the quantum problem of coherent scattering of polarized radiation by atoms in the collisionless regime. The general theory, which is based on a diagrammatic treatment of the atom-photon interaction, is still work in progress. However, the results anticipated here are relevant enough for the study of the magnetism of the solar chromosphere and of interest for astrophysics in general.
[2]  [pdf] - 48886
On the Atomic Polarization of the Ground Level of Na I
Comments: The Astrophysical Journal; 2002; in press
Submitted: 2002-04-19
In a recent letter (Trujillo Bueno et al. 2002), we showed the remarkable result that the atomic alignment of the levels P$_{1/2}$ and S$_{1/2}$ of the D$_1$ line of Na I is practically destroyed in the presence of magnetic fields sensibly larger than 10 G, irrespectively of the field direction. In this paper, we demonstrate analytically that this property is a consequence of the decoupling of the electronic and nuclear angular momenta, J and I, in the excited state P$_{3/2}$, which is achieved when the Zeeman splitting from the local magnetic field becomes much larger than the typical hyperfine separation for that level.
[3]  [pdf] - 47333
The Physical Origin of the Scattering Polarization of the Na I D-Lines in the Presence of Weak Magnetic Fields
Comments: 11 pages and 2 figures. The Astrophysical Journal Letter (in press)
Submitted: 2002-01-23
We demonstrate that the atomic alignment of the hyperfine-structure components of the ground level S$_{1/2}$ of Na {\sc i} and of the upper level P$_{1/2}$ of the D$_1$ line are practically negligible for magnetic strengths $B>10 \rm G$, and virtually zero for $B\ga 100 \rm G$. This occurs independently of the magnetic-field inclination on the stellar surface (also, in particular, for vertical fields). Consequently, the characteristic antisymmetric linear-polarization signature of the scattered light in the D$_1$ line is practically suppressed in the presence of magnetic fields larger than 10 G, regardless of their inclination. Remarkably, we find that the scattering polarization amplitude of the D$_2$ line increases steadily with the magnetic strength, for vertical fields above 10 G, while the contribution of alignment to the polarization of the D$_1$ line rapidly decreases. Therefore, we suggest that spectropolarimetric observations of the ``quiet'' solar chromosphere showing significant linear polarization peaks in both D$_1$ and D$_2$ cannot be interpreted in terms of one-component magnetic field models, implying that the magnetic structuring of the solar chromosphere could be substantially more complex than previously thought.