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Kleinman, A. Nitta

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The White Dwarf Luminosity Function: The Shape of Things to Come
Comments: 5 pages, 3 figures, 14th European Workshop on White Dwarfs, to be published by ASP
Submitted: 2004-10-30
We describe a new survey for cool white dwarfs that supplements Sloan Digital Sky Survey photometry with USNO proper motions and follow-up spectroscopy. To date we have discovered and spectroscopically confirmed 80 new moderate temperature and cool white dwarfs. We have also found a handful of high-velocity white dwarfs and we expect a sizable fraction of these to be thick disk or possibly halo objects. Our survey is designed to find ~10,000 new white dwarfs, although only ~60 will be among the faintest white dwarfs (M(V) >= 16), where most of the age-sensitivity resides. We discuss an extension of our survey to V ~ 22.