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Karolak, M.

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Final results of the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search with cryogenic heat-and-ionization Ge detectors
Comments: 42 pages, 16 figures, submitted to Physical Review D, 1 figure and 2 references added, some little changes in the text
Submitted: 2005-03-11, last modified: 2005-05-26
The final results of the EDELWEISS-I dark matter search using cryogenic heat-and-ionization Ge detectors are presented. The final data sample corresponds to an increase by a factor five in exposure relative to the previously published results. A recoil energy threshold of 13 keV or better was achieved with three 320g detectors working simultaneously over four months of stable operation. Limits on the spin-independent cross-section for the scattering of a WIMP on a nucleon are derived from an accumulated fiducial exposure of 62 kg.d.