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Kadokura, A.

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High-energy electron observations by PPB-BETS flight in Antarctica
Comments: 22 pages, 13 figures, submitted to Astropart. Phys
Submitted: 2008-09-04
We have observed cosmic-ray electrons from 10 GeV to 800 GeV by a long duration balloon flight using Polar Patrol Balloon (PPB) in Antarctica. The observation was carried out for 13 days at an average altitude of 35 km in January 2004. The detector is an imaging calorimeter composed of scintillating-fiber belts and plastic scintillators inserted between lead plates with 9 radiation lengths. The performance of the detector has been confirmed by the CERN-SPS beam test and also investigated by Monte-Carlo simulations. New telemetry system using a commercial satellite of Iridium, power supply by solar batteries, and automatic level control using CPU have successfully been developed and operated during the flight. From the long duration balloon observations, we derived the energy spectrum of cosmic-ray electrons in the energy range from 100 GeV to 800 GeV. In addition, for the first time we derived the electron arrival directions above 100 GeV, which is consistent with the isotropic distribution.