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Edmunds, D.

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[1]  [pdf] - 887964
GPS Timing and Control System of the HAWC Detector
Submitted: 2014-10-24, last modified: 2014-10-27
The design and performance of the GPS Timing and Control (GTC) System of the High Altitude Water Cerenkov (HAWC) gamma ray observatory is described. The GTC system provides a GPS synchronized absolute timestamp, with an accuracy better than 1$\mu$s, for each recorded event in HAWC. In order to avoid any slack between the recorded data and the timestamp, timestamps are injected to the main data acquisition (DAQ) system after the Front-end Electronic Boards (FEBs). When HAWC is completed, the HAWC main DAQ will use 10 time to digital converters (TDCs). In order to keep all the TDCs in sync, the GTC system provides a synchronized clock signal, coordinated trigger signal, and control signals to all TDCs.
[2]  [pdf] - 504942
On the sensitivity of the HAWC observatory to gamma-ray bursts
HAWC collaboration; Abeysekara, A. U.; Aguilar, J. A.; Aguilar, S.; Alfaro, R.; Almaraz, E.; Álvarez, C.; Álvarez-Romero, J. de D.; Álvarez, M.; Arceo, R.; Arteaga-Velázquez, J. C.; Badillo, C.; Barber, A.; Baughman, B. M.; Bautista-Elivar, N.; Belmont, E.; Benítez, E.; BenZvi, S. Y.; Berley, D.; Bernal, A.; Bonamente, E.; Braun, J.; Caballero-Lopez, R.; Cabrera, I.; Carramiñana, A.; Carrasco, L.; Castillo, M.; Chambers, L.; Conde, R.; Condreay, P.; Cotti, U.; Cotzomi, J.; D'Olivo, J. C.; de la Fuente, E.; De León, C.; Delay, S.; Delepine, D.; DeYoung, T.; Diaz, L.; Diaz-Cruz, L.; Dingus, B. L.; Duvernois, M. A.; Edmunds, D.; Ellsworth, R. W.; Fick, B.; Fiorino, D. W.; Flandes, A.; Fraija, N. I.; Galindo, A.; García-Luna, J. L.; García-Torales, G.; Garfias, F.; González, L. X.; González, M. M.; Goodman, J. A.; Grabski, V.; Gussert, M.; Guzmán-Ceron, C.; Hampel-Arias, Z.; Harris, T.; Hays, E.; Hernandez-Cervantes, L.; Hüntemeyer, P. H.; Imran, A.; Iriarte, A.; Jimenez, J. J.; Karn, P.; Kelley-Hoskins, N.; Kieda, D.; Langarica, R.; Lara, A.; Lauer, R.; Lee, W. H.; Linares, E. C.; Linnemann, J. T.; Longo, M.; Luna-García, R.; Martínez, H.; Martínez, J.; Martínez, L. A.; Martínez, O.; Martínez-Castro, J.; Martos, M.; Matthews, J.; McEnery, J. E.; Medina-Tanco, G.; Mendoza-Torres, J. E.; Miranda-Romagnoli, P. A.; Montaruli, T.; Moreno, E.; Mostafa, M.; Napsuciale, M.; Nava, J.; Nellen, L.; Newbold, M.; Noriega-Papaqui, R.; Oceguera-Becerra, T.; Tapia, A. Olmos; Orozco, V.; Pérez, V.; Pérez-Pérez, E. G.; Perkins, J. S.; Pretz, J.; Ramirez, C.; Ramírez, I.; Rebello, D.; Rentería, A.; Reyes, J.; Rosa-González, D.; Rosado, A.; Ryan, J. M.; Sacahui, J. R.; Salazar, H.; Salesa, F.; Sandoval, A.; Santos, E.; Schneider, M.; Shoup, A.; Silich, S.; Sinnis, G.; Smith, A. J.; Sparks, K.; Springer, W.; Suárez, F.; Suarez, N.; Taboada, I.; Tellez, A. F.; Tenorio-Tagle, G.; Tepe, A.; Toale, P. A.; Tollefson, K.; Torres, I.; Ukwatta, T. N.; Valdes-Galicia, J.; Vanegas, P.; Vasileiou, V.; Vázquez, O.; Vázquez, X.; Villaseñor, L.; Wall, W.; Walters, J. S.; Warner, D.; Westerhoff, S.; Wisher, I. G.; Wood, J.; Yodh, G. B.; Zaborov, D.; Zepeda, A.
Submitted: 2011-08-30, last modified: 2011-12-19
We present the sensitivity of HAWC to Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs). HAWC is a very high-energy gamma-ray observatory currently under construction in Mexico at an altitude of 4100 m. It will observe atmospheric air showers via the water Cherenkov method. HAWC will consist of 300 large water tanks instrumented with 4 photomultipliers each. HAWC has two data acquisition (DAQ) systems. The main DAQ system reads out coincident signals in the tanks and reconstructs the direction and energy of individual atmospheric showers. The scaler DAQ counts the hits in each photomultiplier tube (PMT) in the detector and searches for a statistical excess over the noise of all PMTs. We show that HAWC has a realistic opportunity to observe the high-energy power law components of GRBs that extend at least up to 30 GeV, as it has been observed by Fermi LAT. The two DAQ systems have an energy threshold that is low enough to observe events similar to GRB 090510 and GRB 090902b with the characteristics observed by Fermi LAT. HAWC will provide information about the high-energy spectra of GRBs which in turn could help to understanding about e-pair attenuation in GRB jets, extragalactic background light absorption, as well as establishing the highest energy to which GRBs accelerate particles.