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Di Crescenzo, A.

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[1]  [pdf] - 1732522
Discovery potential for directional Dark Matter detection with nuclear emulsions
Comments: 8 pages, 12 figures
Submitted: 2017-04-30, last modified: 2018-01-19
Direct Dark Matter searches are nowadays one of the most fervid research topics with many experimental efforts devoted to the search for nuclear recoils induced by the scattering of Weakly Interactive Massive Particles (WIMPs). Detectors able to reconstruct the direction of the nucleus recoiling against the scattering WIMP are opening a new frontier to possibly extend Dark Matter searches beyond the neutrino background. Exploiting directionality would also prove the galactic origin of Dark Matter with an unambiguous signal-to-background separation. Indeed, the angular distribution of recoiled nuclei is centered around the direction of the Cygnus constellation, while the background distribution is expected to be isotropic. Current directional experiments are based on gas TPC whose sensitivity is limited by the small achievable detector mass. In this paper we present the discovery potential of a directional experiment based on the use of a solid target made of newly developed nuclear emulsions and of optical read-out systems reaching unprecedented nanometric resolution.
[2]  [pdf] - 1585955
US Cosmic Visions: New Ideas in Dark Matter 2017: Community Report
Battaglieri, Marco; Belloni, Alberto; Chou, Aaron; Cushman, Priscilla; Echenard, Bertrand; Essig, Rouven; Estrada, Juan; Feng, Jonathan L.; Flaugher, Brenna; Fox, Patrick J.; Graham, Peter; Hall, Carter; Harnik, Roni; Hewett, JoAnne; Incandela, Joseph; Izaguirre, Eder; McKinsey, Daniel; Pyle, Matthew; Roe, Natalie; Rybka, Gray; Sikivie, Pierre; Tait, Tim M. P.; Toro, Natalia; Van De Water, Richard; Weiner, Neal; Zurek, Kathryn; Adelberger, Eric; Afanasev, Andrei; Alexander, Derbin; Alexander, James; Antochi, Vasile Cristian; Asner, David Mark; Baer, Howard; Banerjee, Dipanwita; Baracchini, Elisabetta; Barbeau, Phillip; Barrow, Joshua; Bastidon, Noemie; Battat, James; Benson, Stephen; Berlin, Asher; Bird, Mark; Blinov, Nikita; Boddy, Kimberly K.; Bondi, Mariangela; Bonivento, Walter M.; Boulay, Mark; Boyce, James; Brodeur, Maxime; Broussard, Leah; Budnik, Ranny; Bunting, Philip; Caffee, Marc; Caiazza, Sabato Stefano; Campbell, Sheldon; Cao, Tongtong; Carosi, Gianpaolo; Carpinelli, Massimo; Cavoto, Gianluca; Celentano, Andrea; Chang, Jae Hyeok; Chattopadhyay, Swapan; Chavarria, Alvaro; Chen, Chien-Yi; Clark, Kenneth; Clarke, John; Colegrove, Owen; Coleman, Jonathon; Cooke, David; Cooper, Robert; Crisler, Michael; Crivelli, Paolo; D'Eramo, Francesco; D'Urso, Domenico; Dahl, Eric; Dawson, William; De Napoli, Marzio; De Vita, Raffaella; DeNiverville, Patrick; Derenzo, Stephen; Di Crescenzo, Antonia; Di Marco, Emanuele; Dienes, Keith R.; Diwan, Milind; Dongwi, Dongwi Handiipondola; Drlica-Wagner, Alex; Ellis, Sebastian; Ezeribe, Anthony Chigbo; Farrar, Glennys; Ferrer, Francesc; Figueroa-Feliciano, Enectali; Filippi, Alessandra; Fiorillo, Giuliana; Fornal, Bartosz; Freyberger, Arne; Frugiuele, Claudia; Galbiati, Cristian; Galon, Iftah; Gardner, Susan; Geraci, Andrew; Gerbier, Gilles; Graham, Mathew; Gschwendtner, Edda; Hearty, Christopher; Heise, Jaret; Henning, Reyco; Hill, Richard J.; Hitlin, David; Hochberg, Yonit; Hogan, Jason; Holtrop, Maurik; Hong, Ziqing; Hossbach, Todd; Humensky, T. B.; Ilten, Philip; Irwin, Kent; Jaros, John; Johnson, Robert; Jones, Matthew; Kahn, Yonatan; Kalantarians, Narbe; Kaplinghat, Manoj; Khatiwada, Rakshya; Knapen, Simon; Kohl, Michael; Kouvaris, Chris; Kozaczuk, Jonathan; Krnjaic, Gordan; Kubarovsky, Valery; Kuflik, Eric; Kusenko, Alexander; Lang, Rafael; Leach, Kyle; Lin, Tongyan; Lisanti, Mariangela; Liu, Jing; Liu, Kun; Liu, Ming; Loomba, Dinesh; Lykken, Joseph; Mack, Katherine; Mans, Jeremiah; Maris, Humphrey; Markiewicz, Thomas; Marsicano, Luca; Martoff, C. J.; Mazzitelli, Giovanni; McCabe, Christopher; McDermott, Samuel D.; McDonald, Art; McKinnon, Bryan; Mei, Dongming; Melia, Tom; Miller, Gerald A.; Miuchi, Kentaro; Nazeer, Sahara Mohammed Prem; Moreno, Omar; Morozov, Vasiliy; Mouton, Frederic; Mueller, Holger; Murphy, Alexander; Neilson, Russell; Nelson, Tim; Neu, Christopher; Nosochkov, Yuri; O'Hare, Ciaran; Oblath, Noah; Orrell, John; Ouellet, Jonathan; Pastore, Saori; Paul, Sebouh; Perelstein, Maxim; Peter, Annika; Phan, Nguyen; Phinney, Nan; Pivovaroff, Michael; Pocar, Andrea; Pospelov, Maxim; Pradler, Josef; Privitera, Paolo; Profumo, Stefano; Raggi, Mauro; Rajendran, Surjeet; Randazzo, Nunzio; Raubenheimer, Tor; Regenfus, Christian; Renshaw, Andrew; Ritz, Adam; Rizzo, Thomas; Rosenberg, Leslie; Rubbia, Andre; Rybolt, Ben; Saab, Tarek; Safdi, Benjamin R.; Santopinto, Elena; Scarff, Andrew; Schneider, Michael; Schuster, Philip; Seidel, George; Sekiya, Hiroyuki; Seong, Ilsoo; Simi, Gabriele; Sipala, Valeria; Slatyer, Tracy; Slone, Oren; Smith, Peter F; Smolinsky, Jordan; Snowden-Ifft, Daniel; Solt, Matthew; Sonnenschein, Andrew; Sorensen, Peter; Spooner, Neil; Srivastava, Brijesh; Stancu, Ion; Strigari, Louis; Strube, Jan; Sushkov, Alexander O.; Szydagis, Matthew; Tanedo, Philip; Tanner, David; Tayloe, Rex; Terrano, William; Thaler, Jesse; Thomas, Brooks; Thorpe, Brianna; Thorpe, Thomas; Tiffenberg, Javier; Tran, Nhan; Trovato, Marco; Tully, Christopher; Tyson, Tony; Vachaspati, Tanmay; Vahsen, Sven; van Bibber, Karl; Vandenbroucke, Justin; Villano, Anthony; Volansky, Tomer; Wang, Guojian; Ward, Thomas; Wester, William; Whitbeck, Andrew; Williams, David A.; Wing, Matthew; Winslow, Lindley; Wojtsekhowski, Bogdan; Yu, Hai-Bo; Yu, Shin-Shan; Yu, Tien-Tien; Zhang, Xilin; Zhao, Yue; Zhong, Yi-Ming
Comments: 102 pages + references
Submitted: 2017-07-14
This white paper summarizes the workshop "U.S. Cosmic Visions: New Ideas in Dark Matter" held at University of Maryland on March 23-25, 2017.
[3]  [pdf] - 1516330
Readout technologies for directional WIMP Dark Matter detection
Comments: 58 pages, 26 figures, accepted by Physics Reports
Submitted: 2016-10-06
The measurement of the direction of WIMP-induced nuclear recoils is a compelling but technologically challenging strategy to provide an unambiguous signature of the detection of Galactic dark matter. Most directional detectors aim to reconstruct the dark-matter-induced nuclear recoil tracks, either in gas or solid targets. The main challenge with directional detection is the need for high spatial resolution over large volumes, which puts strong requirements on the readout technologies. In this paper we review the various detector readout technologies used by directional detectors. In particular, we summarize the challenges, advantages and drawbacks of each approach, and discuss future prospects for these technologies.
[4]  [pdf] - 1416751
Intrinsic neutron background of nuclear emulsions for directional Dark Matter searches
Comments: Revised version
Submitted: 2015-07-13, last modified: 2016-06-02
Recent developments of the nuclear emulsion technology led to the production of films with nanometric silver halide grains suitable to track low energy nuclear recoils with submicrometric length. This improvement opens the way to a directional Dark Matter detection, thus providing an innovative and complementary approach to the on-going WIMP searches. An important background source for these searches is represented by neutron-induced nuclear recoils that can mimic the WIMP signal. In this paper we provide an estimation of the contribution to this background from the intrinsic radioactive contamination of nuclear emulsions. We also report the induced background as a function of the read-out threshold, by using a GEANT4 simulation of the nuclear emulsion, showing that it amounts to about 0.06 neutrons per year per kilogram, fully compatible with the design of a 10 kg$\times$year exposure.
[5]  [pdf] - 1390745
NEWS: Nuclear Emulsions for WIMP Search
Submitted: 2016-04-14
Nowadays there is compelling evidence for the existence of dark matter in the Universe. A general consensus has been expressed on the need for a directional sensitive detector to confirm, with a complementary approach, the candidates found in conventional searches and to finally extend their sensitivity beyond the limit of neutrino-induced background. We propose here the use of a detector based on nuclear emulsions to measure the direction of WIMP-induced nuclear recoils. The production of nuclear emulsion films with nanometric grains is established. Several measurement campaigns have demonstrated the capability of detecting sub-micrometric tracks left by low energy ions in such emulsion films. Innovative analysis technologies with fully automated optical microscopes have made it possible to achieve the track reconstruction for path lengths down to one hundred nanometers and there are good prospects to further exceed this limit. The detector concept we propose foresees the use of a bulk of nuclear emulsion films surrounded by a shield from environmental radioactivity, to be placed on an equatorial telescope in order to cancel out the effect of the Earth rotation, thus keeping the detector at a fixed orientation toward the expected direction of galactic WIMPs. We report the schedule and cost estimate for a one-kilogram mass pilot experiment, aiming at delivering the first results on the time scale of six years.