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Cramer, N.

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The CORALIE survey for southern extra-solar planets XI. The return of the giant planet orbiting HD192263
Comments: Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
Submitted: 2003-05-22
The presence of a planet around the K dwarf HD192263 was recently called into question by the detection of a periodic photometric signal with the same period as the one observed in radial velocity. In this paper, we investigate this possibility, using a combination of radial-velocity, photometry, and bisector measurements obtained simultaneously. The results show that while the observed radial-velocity variation is always very stable in phase, period, and amplitude, the photometric signal changes with time. The combined information strongly suggests that the observed radial-velocity variation is being produced by the presence of a planet, as firstly proposed. The photometric variations are either not connected to the planetary companion, or can eventually be induced by the interaction between the planet and the star. Finally, the radial-velocity data further show the presence of a long term trend, whose origin, still not clear, might be related to the presence of another companion to the system.