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Boegner, M.

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The Pan-STARRS1 Surveys
Chambers, K. C.; Magnier, E. A.; Metcalfe, N.; Flewelling, H. A.; Huber, M. E.; Waters, C. Z.; Denneau, L.; Draper, P. W.; Farrow, D.; Finkbeiner, D. P.; Holmberg, C.; Koppenhoefer, J.; Price, P. A.; Rest, A.; Saglia, R. P.; Schlafly, E. F.; Smartt, S. J.; Sweeney, W.; Wainscoat, R. J.; Burgett, W. S.; Chastel, S.; Grav, T.; Heasley, J. N.; Hodapp, K. W.; Jedicke, R.; Kaiser, N.; Kudritzki, R. -P.; Luppino, G. A.; Lupton, R. H.; Monet, D. G.; Morgan, J. S.; Onaka, P. M.; Shiao, B.; Stubbs, C. W.; Tonry, J. L.; White, R.; Bañados, E.; Bell, E. F.; Bender, R.; Bernard, E. J.; Boegner, M.; Boffi, F.; Botticella, M. T.; Calamida, A.; Casertano, S.; Chen, W. -P.; Chen, X.; Cole, S.; Deacon, N.; Frenk, C.; Fitzsimmons, A.; Gezari, S.; Gibbs, V.; Goessl, C.; Goggia, T.; Gourgue, R.; Goldman, B.; Grant, P.; Grebel, E. K.; Hambly, N. C.; Hasinger, G.; Heavens, A. F.; Heckman, T. M.; Henderson, R.; Henning, T.; Holman, M.; Hopp, U.; Ip, W. -H.; Isani, S.; Jackson, M.; Keyes, C. D.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Kotak, R.; Le, D.; Liska, D.; Long, K. S.; Lucey, J. R.; Liu, M.; Martin, N. F.; Masci, G.; McLean, B.; Mindel, E.; Misra, P.; Morganson, E.; Murphy, D. N. A.; Obaika, A.; Narayan, G.; Nieto-Santisteban, M. A.; Norberg, P.; Peacock, J. A.; Pier, E. A.; Postman, M.; Primak, N.; Rae, C.; Rai, A.; Riess, A.; Riffeser, A.; Rix, H. W.; Röser, S.; Russel, R.; Rutz, L.; Schilbach, E.; Schultz, A. S. B.; Scolnic, D.; Strolger, L.; Szalay, A.; Seitz, S.; Small, E.; Smith, K. W.; Soderblom, D. R.; Taylor, P.; Thomson, R.; Taylor, A. N.; Thakar, A. R.; Thiel, J.; Thilker, D.; Unger, D.; Urata, Y.; Valenti, J.; Wagner, J.; Walder, T.; Walter, F.; Watters, S. P.; Werner, S.; Wood-Vasey, W. M.; Wyse, R.
Comments: 38 pages, 29 figures, 12 tables
Submitted: 2016-12-16, last modified: 2019-01-28
Pan-STARRS1 has carried out a set of distinct synoptic imaging sky surveys including the $3\pi$ Steradian Survey and the Medium Deep Survey in 5 bands ($grizy_{P1}$). The mean 5$\sigma$ point source limiting sensitivities in the stacked 3$\pi$ Steradian Survey in $grizy_{P1}$ are (23.3, 23.2, 23.1, 22.3, 21.4) respectively. The upper bound on the systematic uncertainty in the photometric calibration across the sky is 7-12 millimag depending on the bandpass. The systematic uncertainty of the astrometric calibration using the Gaia frame comes from a comparison of the results with Gaia: the standard deviation of the mean and median residuals ($ \Delta ra, \Delta dec $) are (2.3, 1.7) milliarcsec, and (3.1, 4.8) milliarcsec respectively. The Pan-STARRS system and the design of the PS1 surveys are described and an overview of the resulting image and catalog data products and their basic characteristics are described together with a summary of important results. The images, reduced data products, and derived data products from the Pan-STARRS1 surveys are available to the community from the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST) at STScI.