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Full-Text Search for arXiv > astro-ph

This page hosts a simple full-text search for scientific e-print archive. Right now it is limited to just one section - Astrophysics, but may include more in the future. The idea behind the service is briefly described here or here (in Russian).

The service is operated under the policy allowing us to regularly download and index the metatada of articles submitted to through Open Archive interface.

The aim of the project is to perofrm decent indexing of (currently only) astrophysical texts and to allow scientifically significant data mining of it. Its current implementation is described here.

The project is based entirely on Open-Source Software and is powered by PostgreSQL relational database, its Tsearch2 full-text search extension and specially-designed dict_regex text normalization dictionary for the latter.

The project is a part of SAI Virtual Observatory project and is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research grant 05-07-90225.